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Our Methodologies

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About this course

→ Completely virtual

→ At your own pace and availability

→ 7 modules with unlimited access

→ You will be able to work with your team

→ You will access the Kubadili Community of Practice in Sustainability Models.

What will you learn through this course?

Learn the theoretical foundations and practical tools to develop a Sustainability Model that allows for the diversification of sources and the search for new product and service alternatives.

In addition, you will learn to apply agile practices that allow you to implement the model and continuously adjust it as new challenges arise.



Develop products and services as new sources of income.


Experiment to discover the validity of your ideas.


 Organize your team and incorporate new working practices.


The course is made up of 7 modules containing information presented in audiovisual capsules, containing as much as 40 minutes of content each, as well as practical tools.

1. What is a Sustainability Model?

This course explores how to address the sustainability issue based on our 5-dimensional model and how this framework plan can contain different strategies to achieve the objectives.

2. How to define the financing objective?

In this module you will learn about the importance of having clarity in your revenue sources and their distribution. This will enable you to project more ambitious sustainability objectives based on products and services aligned with your organization's mission.

3. Build your own business model for your NGO.

Get to know the tool so you can develop your financial sustainability strategies.

4. Know your target audience

Learn to identify your audience for an innovative value proposition. This is the starting point for developing new sources of income.

5. Develop a value proposition

We will bring a new methodology for the generation of product and service ideas, taking into account the needs and pains of the identified audiences.

6. Learn about examples of innovative value propositions.

Learn about concrete examples of organizations that have developed sustainability strategies based on the development of products and services.

7. Develop new habits in your team

In this module we will tell you how to build a team that incorporates the new work paradigm by planning in with adaptivity.

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Models of Sustainability Course

→ Access to the complete course

→ At your own pace and availability

→ 7 modules with unlimited access

→ Access to the Kubadili Community of Practice in Sustainability Modeling

→ 1 follow-up and model implementation session

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