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Implementing agile frameworks can improve your teams' ability to address challenges in a constantly changing world, fostering innovation, efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability. Choose your sector and discover the services best suited to your team's needs.

Which sector do you belong to?

To start practicing organizational agility:

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We support the strengthening of organizations.

We support teams

We help teams enhance their efficiency, task prioritization, collaboration, and communication. Our proven insights into meeting facilitation, agile team coaching, organizational design, and our learning modules will help you achieve your strategic objectives.​

We strengthen leadership

We provide personalized coaching to leaders aiming to drive transformation in their organizations. Our approach includes strategy implementation, agile leadership coaching, organizational design, 360-degree feedback, and learning modules.

We guide organizations towards financial sustainability

We help organizations develop an entrepreneurial mindset, enabling the design of mission-aligned products and services. These new value propositions help organizations diversify their income, reducing their dependence on donations for funding.

We co-design solutions

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We help create solutions

We help teams adopt methodologies and dynamics that foster innovation in need identification and the co-construction of experiments. Through this, we explore ideas and hypotheses with the goal of developing effective solutions.

We support the creation of learning communities

We promote meetings and conversation between people and organizations to highlight common challenges and opportunities for collaboration. Through these meetings, we strengthen networks and encourage peer-to-peer learning, enabling effective joint solutions.

We assist in the design and facilitation of events

We help organizations effectively achieve their goals by supporting them in event design. We facilitate face-to-face and virtual interaction to generate personal connection, dynamism, participation, closeness, and focus on the established objectives. 

Want to start experiencing agility?

Kits Pre diseñados

We design starter kits to introduce teams to the world of agility:

Planning Session
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Maximize your results! Measure your actions and organize your work through annual review and planning tools. We help you evaluate processes, services and team dynamics. 


1 Initial consultation

1 Facilitated brainstorming session (4 to 8 h long) 

1 Facilitated planning session (4 to 8 h long) 

4 follow-up sessions (one per week)

Downloadable material for the whole year (Guides)

Celebration Session
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Empower your team with a virtual team experience! Celebrate achievements and capitalize on experiences to create meaningful connections and renew your collaborators' commitment. 


1 Initial consultation

1 Facilitated event (2 to 3 h long) 

1 Follow-up session 

A gift for your team

More products to increase your organization's impact

Collaborative Agile Teams

Transform your work model with a flexible, collaborative, and results-oriented approach.

Ideal Kubakit for: Optimizing processes and resources. 


1 Initial Consultation 

1 Agile Planning Leaning Module

1 Module on Planning and Retrospectives

1 Guided Retrospective 

1 Guided Planning Session

1 Guided Review

4 Weekly meetings

Objective Planning with OKR

Increase your organization's ability to adapt to change and quickly adjust strategies. Focus your team on actions that generate maximum value.

Ideal Kubakit for: Measuring results. 


1 Initial Consultation. 

1 Guided OKR sessions (2 Hs long)

4 Weekly meetings

Learn more about planning with  OKRs.

Agile Coaching

Promote growth and development in the personal and professional life of your teams through Agile coaching. Agile coaching is perfect for teams who feel the need to evolve and explore new perspectives.

Ideal Kubakit for: Nurturing and empowering talents.


4 sessions of coaching

Select your coach through this link, and make sure to choose 4 coaching sessions when scheduling.

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