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The implementation of agile frameworks can help teams that address social and environmental issues to do it in a more innovative, efficient, collaborative, flexible and adaptable way to a constantly changing context. Choose your sector and find the services we have for you.

Which sector do you belong to?

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We facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration

Multi-stakeholder roundtables and participatory events

We facilitate dialogue spaces that seek to generate consensus, encourage participation, build agreements and governance by integrating diverse actors, with different perspectives and backgrounds.

Event design and facilitation

We design and facilitate multiple types of innovative events, such as presentations, hackathons, ideathons and participatory spaces.

We strengthen public organizations and their teams.

Methodologies for continuous improvement

We incorporate methodologies for organizational redesign that allow government teams to plan better, work articulately and adapt to change, taking care of their time and resources. Methodologies: Meeting Facilitation/ Agile Team Coaching/ Organizational Design/ Knowledge Capsules for Agile Teams.

Capacity Building

We accompany government officials to strengthen their capacities to lead teams and go through situations of change and complexity, through executive coaching and team mentoring sessions. Methodologies: Coaching for Agile Leadership/ 360º Feedback/

We design solutions for public policies

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Design of solutions

We accompany and facilitate the identification of needs and opportunities through design tools for the implementation of public policies focused on citizenship


We provide workshops to generate installed capacity in government teams. We provide agile techniques and methodologies such as Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup and others to foster innovation and creativity.

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