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The implementation of agile frameworks can help teams that address social and environmental issues to do it in a more innovative, efficient, collaborative, flexible and adaptable way to a constantly changing context. Choose your sector and find the services we have for you.

Which sector do you belong to?

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We support the strengthening of organizations.

We accompany teams

My teams are not being able to prioritize or collaborate, communication is not fluid and we are not achieving the strategic objectives. There are new people in the team / there has been a great growth that implies new challenges and objectives / we are overwhelmed by urgency? Methodologies: Meeting Facilitation/ Agile Team Coaching/ Organizational Design/ Knowledge Capsules

We strengthen leadership

Are you a leader of a team that is not being able to meet the planning objectives? Are you a leader and need to redesign the team structure? Are you a leader of a team that is not interconnected? Methodologies: Strategic facilitation/ agile leadership coaching/ organizational design/ 360 feedback/ knowledge capsules.

We accompany the strengthening of financial sustainability models.

My organization depends on a single source of income and financial sustainability/solvency is at risk. Proposals: Sustainability Models Course/ Agile Coaching for Sustainability Model/ Community of Practice.

We co-design solutions

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We accompany to create solutions

The people my organization works for have needs that we are not being able to solve or I would like to solve better. It would be useful for me to co-create solutions. Methodologies: Person Centered Design / Innovation Labs (Hackathon) / Agile Design Knowledge Capsule.

We support the creation of learning communities.

I want to create a community with whom to share learning and practices but I don't know how to do it. Our proposal is to accompany you in the design and facilitation of communities.

We assist in the methodological design and facilitation of an event.

I need support in the design and facilitation of amazing spaces that are relevant to those who participate and that connect with the purpose for which they were intended.

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